Fri March 19 21:00 - 23:00
West Side Stories: Alternative Cinemas from The Bay Area and Tangier

Post-Pornographic Ecologies - A Night of Shorts from the Canyon Cinema Collection (San Francisco)



Naomi Uman, 1999

[16 mm], Digital file, 6’

Using a piece of found European porn from the 1970s, nail polish and bleach, this film creates a new pornography, one in which the woman exists only as a hole, an empty, animated space.


Reckless Eyeballing

Christopher Harris, 2004

[16mm], Digital File, 13’

Taking its name from the Jim Crow-era of black criminals staring at white women, this hand-processed, optically-printed amalgam reframes desire by way of everything from D.W. Griffith to Foxy Brown and Angela Davis: `Your lover belongs to this band of murderous outlaws.' (Cinematexas International Short Film Festival).



Scott Stark, 1998

DVD, 11’

Noema is philosopher Husserl's term for "the meaning of an object that is formed in the domain of consciousness." Pornographic videos are mined for the unerotic moments between moments. A piercing musical score loops endlessly throughout, and the repetitive and curious iterations of movement become furtive searches for meaning within their own blandness.


Still Raining, Still Dreaming

Phil Solomon, 2008

Digital file, 12’

Still Raining, Still Dreaming is part of Solomon’s acclaimed “Grand Theft Auto” series, a body of work shot entirely within the virtual world of the Grand Theft Auto video game.


Winter Beyond Winter

Jonathan Schwartz, 2016

[16mm] Digital file, 11’

“A reverie of fatherhood from the short, sharp days of New England winter. The camera moves from laden trees to dazzled earth while on the soundtrack a boy reads from Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD. How strange it is to hear this text in the child's slightly bored voice, innocent of the narration's buried heartbreak…One skater holds the image, the other the sound; the shot is their union. As Martin Buber wrote, ‘All real living is meeting’” (Max Goldberg).


No Zone

Greta Snider, 1993

[16 mm], Digital file, 13’

Traditional bay-area style - cutting and pasting images from memorabilia footage and pop culture of life in the 90s. AIDS, nuclear waste, mid-life crisis—no happy ending except that of formal experimentation.


sound of a million insects, light of a thousand stars

Tomonari Nishikawa, 2014

[35mm], Digital file, 2'

“I buried a 100-foot 35mm negative film under fallen leaves alongside a country road, which was about 25 km away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, from the sunset of June 24, 2014, to the sunrise of the following day. The night was beautiful with a starry sky, and numerous summer insects were singing loud. The area was once an evacuation zone, but now people live there after the removal of the contaminated soil” (Nishikawa).


Night Hunter

Stacey Steers, 2011

[35mm], HD Digital file, 16’

In this handmade film, composed of more than four thousand collages, the actress Lillian Gish is seamlessly appropriated from silent-era cinema and plunged into a new and haunting role. Night Hunter evokes a disquieting dreamscape, drawn from allegory, myth, and archetype. Music and sound by Larry Polansky.